Advanced Makeup Techniques To Master Before Leaving Beauty School

Beauty schools or cosmetology programs are terrific learning experiences for an aspiring makeup artist. But the education you receive also depends on whether you are willing to go the extra mile and master some advanced techniques that can help you better serve clients with harder to make-up features such as olive skin, deep-set eyes, or hooded eyes.

Here are three advanced makeup techniques you should master before leaving beauty school.

Shifting Skin Tone

Learning the basics of warm, neutral, and cool skin tones is introductory level material in cosmetology school. You will also learn early that most women have slightly different skin tones at different times of the year. The shifting skin tone can simply go from a lighter to darker shade of the same base color such as warm beige.

Or a warm skinned person in summer can turn neutral or even cool during the winter. A person with warm skin can lean closer to olive during the summer. These tricky shifts in skin tone can impact your work if you have long-term clients. But even if you don't have long-term clients, a single-day client could have a tricky skin tone shift in progress that leaves her stark in the middle between two conflicting skin tones.

These situations are why it is vital to have a range of foundation and concealer shades in your kit including the harder-to-find olive undertones. The only true way to match a woman in the midst of a skin tone shift is to custom blend so that the final product isn't too warm, cool, or olive for her complexion.

Deep-Set Eyes

Women with deep-set eyes often have a hard time at counter makeovers or consulting sessions with an artist because so few artists understand how to handle this eye shape. With deep-set eyes, the mobile lid is set further back into the socket so that the socket bone itself forms a defined crease. There is then likely minimal space between the socket and the eyebrow. Deep-set eyes can also cause heavy dark circles under the eyes.

Concealing the dark circles should be obvious. But it can be less obvious how to treat the mobile lid and the crease, as different sources have different recommendations.

In general, you want to use a  light, shimmery shade on the mobile lid to make that lid appear less deep-set. For the crease, you want to use a matte neutral shade in the crease and blended slightly up to sink the brow bone itself to make the bone less prominent. You can then use a matte light shadow to highlight the brow shape, if desired.

The techniques change a bit if the client has combination of deep-set and hooded eyes.

Hooded Eyes

Hooded eyes refers to a flap of excess skin along the brow bone that hangs over the crease and sometimes the outer corner of the mobile lid. Hooded eyes can combine with other eye shapes such as the deep-set eye to make the make-up process even more complicated.

If your client has no mobile lid visible when her eye is open, simply use a light shimmery color on the lid that will show when she blinks and focus most of your attention on creating a crease. Use a fluffy brush and a neutral matte shade to sketch in where a more defined crease should be. You want that color to go over the fold to make it look less prominent.

You'll learn these techniques and more at school like Tri-County Beauty College.