Tips For Managing Thick, Naturally Curly Hair

Most everyone wants thick, naturally curly hair, until they have to deal with styling and taking care of it every day. Taking care of thick, naturally curly hair can be challenging and time-consuming, but worth all your effort when you can maintain your favorite styles. Follow the tips below for managing and caring for thick, naturally curly hair.

Hydration Is Extremely Important To Maintain

When thick, curly hair becomes too dry, it also becomes frizzy and even harder to deal with. You can avoid getting the 'frizzies' by keeping your hair hydrated. You can also keep down frizzy hair by never brushing your hair after it is dry. Brushing naturally curly hair when it is wet is best for avoiding the disruption of natural flow of curls, allowing the sebum (the oil produced by your scalp) to also provide natural moisture and hydration.

Using a high quality, all-natural hair conditioner is the best way to not only hydrate your hair, but to also feed it important nutrients. Coconut oil and cocoa butter blends are great for intense and protective hydration. However, when applying conditioner to your curls, avoid massaging it into your scalp. Bear in mind your scalp produces natural oil that is sufficient for it to remain hydrated. Because your hair has thick curls, it is only dry because the sebum cannot reach to the ends of the hair strands. Rubbing conditioner into the curls only is best for preventing scalp conditions like cradle cap.

Keeping Your Hair Trimmed Helps Tame Curls

Getting your hair trimmed is important to keep down split and dead ends that will contribute to the 'frizzies' while also making it harder to hydrate the healthy strands. Having your hair thinned regularly can help make it easier to manage tight, thick curls and it makes it easier to hydrate them as well. Your hair stylist will use special scissors called thinning shears for thinning out your curls, making it lighter and less challenging to style. Be sure to ask your stylist about thinning your hair while also keeping it long if you want to maintain length. Just because your hair is longer than shoulder length does not mean you cannot have it thinned for making it healthier and easier to manage.

Your hair can be beautiful and styled despite it being hard to manage because of thick curls. Through proper hydration and trimming, you can have the hair many other people envy.